Our aim is to make people healthier and improve their lives.

Health literacy is a determinant of health, and scientific texts are difficult for the majority to understand. Good design helps people make better decisions.

Designers can produce science-based materials with bite-size information, fitting graphics and engaging images, to help patients, the general public and also healthcare professionals to be more informed and empowered.

Hi! I’m Marina, the founder and creative behind Pontia.

I grew up in a household with two researchers, where complex scientific texts and medical jargon were part of daily life. I chose (I thought) a very different career path, an artistic one, as my passion was to use my hands to create beauty and fun things that made you think. ‘The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot’, they say.

However, while studying graphic design at IED Madrid, I realized that the paths of design and science were not so separate, as they both aim to make the world a better place. Design can be a powerful tool to make concepts clearer and to help navigate complex systems.

This is how the paths crossed and the dream of Pontia came to life: Design at the service of healthcare, aimed at improving people’s health in a unique way.

What does working with Pontia look like?

We’ll guide you in choosing the most appropriate solution to convey your message.

We always do our best to put the ultimate goal in focus and won’t get distracted by design trends or complicated solutions.

Working with Pontia means that you will receive something that works for you and makes us proud, whether it is a big project or just a small piece of design.