Our aim is to make people healthier

A good design helps people make healthy decisions.

Health literacy is a determinant of health. Scientific texts are difficult for the majority to understand, which is a problem when it comes to health. A fitting graphic is a powerful tool for conveying messages that stay long term. Images help patients, the general public and also healthcare professionals making good decisions.

We see design as the common language
that connects science and society.

We are design professionals

Behind every work that translates complex concepts into easy-to-understand images, there’s a lot of work and image theory. We don’t just make things “prettier”. We accept the challenge to provide the best service adding meaning to everything we do. And, although we don’t have a medical background, we are familiar with medical terms and concepts, as well as with the latest trends in healthcare.

What can you expect?

We’ll guide you in choosing the most appropriate solution to convey your message.

We always do our best to put the ultimate goal in focus and won’t get distracted by design trends or complicated solutions.

Working with Pontia means that you will receive something that works for you and makes us proud, whether it is a big project or just a small piece of design.